Hamam Burhanuddin


Education is a conscious and deliberate effort between educators (teachers) with
learners in order to achieve a goal, one of the goals expected education is
education that is liberating and not restrictive, Problems often arise in the study
was the lack of attention to the teacher to student needs, the need for
appreciation , affection, and put students on the actual position which is as a
subject learners. Thus, the model of education and teaching with the approach of
humanism religious is expected that the teaching of religiosity is the process of
teaching is not bound by space and time, in the sense of teaching can take place
anywhere as long as students have a high interest in understanding and
developing course material, so that the interests and motivation is what always
instilled by teachers on learners in the learning process, in the classroom and
outside the classroom. This teaching model was born from a religious humanist
approach departs from humanistic education paradigm and the paradigm of
religious education are integrated. Humanist education that emphasizes
individual liberty aspects are integrated with religious education in order to build
individual and social life which have independence, but did not leave the
religious values that followed the people, or to reject the value of divinity


Islamic Education, Humanism religius

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