Ibnu Habibi


Implementation of Ministerial Management in PP. Al Amin Bojonegoro SBM is an education management that is packaged based on Islamic boarding schools among students. This study aims to determine planning, orientation, grouping and coaching, development, service, recording and reporting, and evaluation of santri activities in PP. SBM Al Amin Bojonegoro. The characteristics of this study are qualitative descriptive. The research was carried out using a case study involving three informers namely Mudir (pembima), Musyrif / ah (administrators), and Mahasantri. Data collection uses the method of observation, interviews, and documentation. Data analysis techniques using data reduction, conclusion, drawing / verification with source triangulation design. The results of the study indicate that the implementation of implementation of courtesy management in PP. SBM Al Amin Bojonegoro has followed the concepts of courtesy management. This can be seen directly from the eight indicators applied in the research, namely: planning of santri, orientation of santri, grouping and fostering of santri, development of santri, special services for santri, recording and reporting for santri, and evaluation of santri activities. The inhibiting factors for the implementation of court management include: (1) psychological constraints such as there are still many santri who regard the PP MBS Al Amin Bojonegoro not as a pesantren, but only a place where there is no organized learning like the boarding schools (2) ) Coordinative constraints such as not yet fully having integrity (interesting) coordination so that there is a disintegration between the dormitory and the School, (3) This external obstacle is in the santri, there are still many students who live in the PP MBS Al Amin, not their own interests or willingness but coercion from his parents, so that the santri to carry out activities at the Pondok were not accompanied by sincere intentions, but only considered as a surrogate obligation, (4) This internal obstacle is in the ma'had itself like a system that changes every year. There is no suitable system to be implemented in PP MBS Al Amen. So, still looking for a patent system.


Implementation, Management, SBM Al Amin, Islamic Boarding School, Santri

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