Dany Miftahul Ula, Irvan Lestari


2019/2020 school year new student admissions to schools organized by the Regional Government for the level of Junior High School (SMP) and Senior High School (SMA) is not like the previous years. There was a change in the New Student Admission System (PPDB), the change occurred because of the new rules that refer to Permendikbud number 14 of 2018 which regulates PPDB 19/20 academic year with a zoning system. The purpose of the zoning system according to the government is to create equitable education. So far, by making NUN and academic achievements as the main considerations, the favorite and non favorite school terms have emerged. And there is concentration of students with good grades at one favourite school and students with low scores at one non favorite school. Whereas schools should have student with diverse conditions, meaning there are no schools with students that are filled only by students with high NUN, but also filled by those who have low NUN. In Addition, the government also prioritizes disadvantaged students, thuse  ducation can be accesed by anyone and from any socio-economic background. However, of course this new policy does not mean that it does not create new problems. In this study researchers used qualitative methods using purposive sampling, as well as deep interviews to obtain objective research result. From the result of the this study, we can find a number of impacts that occur from the zoning system, namely the impact on schools, for the teachers and for the community. But the highlight in this paper is the impact on favorite schools, and the impact is no great, namely the increase in value under the KKM students from year to year.


Zoning System, Favorite School, Impact

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