Abdul Malik, Sunardi Sunardi, Deny Try Ardianto


The problematic that always in hibit optimization achievements in sports one of them is located on the difficulty to find talented young athletes .The talent itself is one of the supporting factor that are really supportive and needed in the achievement of sport .Currently, the development of sport especially in Colomadu, Karanganyar less well. It happens in primary school, who be the less well in district level championship.

The steps which need to be taken by the sport teacher, coach and trainer, include the need for a talent guide to find seeds athletes potentially and talented in sports. Therefore, the teachers, coach and trainer need to seek the right steps to find seed talented athlete and then be training. One of form or model pilotage talent who needed in identifying talent on students, that is using sport search model.

This study attempts to produce a media to help sport teachers and trainer to find talented athletes in the area. Method in this study uses R&D method. Instrument that used is interview, questionnaire, and judgment. Collecting data methods that is done in this study are validity that is taken by validator, effectiveness that is taken by test and student’s respond to student’s guide identification of talented sport media. The result shows that the average of validity is 84%. The media effectiveness of the test result of talented student. Practicality media is taken by validator’s judgment with validity 90%.


Media, Sport Talented Identification, Sport Search

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