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Character education becomes a highlight when the nation finds many problems. Various issues emerge judged because of the lack of character education. Moral decadence, corruption, narcotics, and many other issues are rescued because of the lack of character education. Schools become one of the highlights because the formal education providers should educate the student’s character well. Strengthening the character becomes one of the government's priority programs. In nawa citamentioned that the government will do the character revolution of the nation. The Ministry of Education and Culture implements the strengthening of the nation's successor character through the Character Education Reinforcement movement (PPK) which has been launched since 2016. There are five main character values sourced from Pancasila, which is a development priority; namely religious, nationalism, integrity, independence, and mutual cooperation. Each value does not stand and develops independently but interacts with each other, develops dynamically, and forms a personal unity. Strengthening character education encourages the synergy of three education centers, namely schools, families, and communities or communities in order to establish an educational ecosystem. These three centers encourage the implementation of school-based management to become more significant, where schools play a central role, and the environment can be optimized for learning resources. Character education is also indispensable for the millennial generation. The very fast changing times cause a very high ambiguity so that this generation also needs a strong life grip. Value education is also very important, which will serve to underpin actions for the better. The aims of this article is to analyze the importance of character education for the millenial generation.

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