Dwiati Marsiwi, Arif Hartono


Cooperatives in the history of Indonesia are a form of popular business, which aims to support the economic power of the Indonesian people. But unfortunately the reality is that the existence of cooperatives today is like being reluctant to die, not wanting to. This study aims to examine how much cooperatives in Ponorogo Regency are able to withstand the threat of business development with a free market model.This study uses a sample of Cooperatives in the Districts of the City of Ponroogo Regency and KUD in Ponorogo Regency. The number of KUDs as many as 22 and 222 cooperatives registered in Kota Subdistrict. The sample used is KUD in Ponorogo Regency and Cooperatives in the City District of Ponorogo Regency which is still active. The number of questionnaires distributed as many as 100. The number of questionnaires that were returned and can be processed as much as 72. The research method that will be conducted in this study is descriptive analysis. Cooperative management is still done with but the supervisor is not functioning. Mentoring programs and assistance from related agencies have not been received evenly in all cooperatives. In terms of financial management is still carried out in an orderly manner.


Cooperatives, KUD, management of cooperatives, Survival

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