Peran Mahasiswa dalam Membangun Website Desa Plancungan

Aprilia Eka Pratama, Dila Surya Pratama, Erista Eka Saputri, Fanny Setya Wardhani, Mohammad Afik Setyawan, Riki Widiantoro, Risna Puspita Sari, Zulfa Nur Aini, Khoirurrosyidin Khoirurrosyidin


Currently the development of information technology is growing rapidly, especially the internet, with the internet it will make it easier to find sources of information quickly and precisely, one of which is the website. The website is a collection of web pages, which are summarized in a domain or subdomain, whose place is on the World Wide Web (WWW) on the internet. Plancungan village is one of the villages that does not yet have a website as a medium for distributing information about village government. , the history of the village, the potential of SMEs and some other important information. Therefore, the role of community service students is needed to assist in making village websites as an efficient medium of conveying information.

Keywords : Website; Plancungan Village; Internet;

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