Perubahan Sosial Masyarakat Kawasan Industri Desa Margagiri Kecamatan Bojonegara, Kabupaten Serang, Banten

Rizki Setiawan, Wulan Nilot Larasati


This study aims to find out how modernization triggers industrialization which causes social change in Margagiri Village. The economic activity of the community which was previously a simple traditional economic activity then turned into a modern activity through industrial machines. The focus of research is on social dynamics in Margagiri Village. This research method is qualitative by conducting analysis based on primary and secondary data. The results of this study are social changes in Margagiri Village, Bojonegara District, Serang District, in the form of a change that occurs in the Margagiri Village community environment both in social and geographical conditions due to the construction of industrial factories due to the impact of modernity


Modernization, Change, Society

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