Rido Kurnianto, Niken Lestarini


In the midst of a morality crisis that has been peaked, the existence of local wisdom becomes one
of the media to solve the problem. The existence of local wisdom in public society shows the
importance of this aspect in people's lives. It is because local wisdom is always born out from the
context of people's lives. On the other hand, it was directed to provide the public owners of
generation to the next with the noble values of life which summarized in the meaning of the
symbols contained in such wisdom. However, in the life practice, local wisdom turned out to be
more dominant in interests of the preservation of traditions or entertainment and rarely used as
medium to build the character of its people. This fact is also occurred in Ponorogo Reyog art. It
has a symbol on the instrument as well as variety of dance which is loaded with the noble values of
life. This art has a very strategic position to be packed into the media transformation of moral
values in order to prepare intelligent and virtuous national generation. This research is qualitative
by using phenomenological approach. Data analyses were performed using analytical descriptive.
Data collecting techniques are depth interviews, observation, and documentation


Education, Integration, Local Wisdom, Values

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