ANALYSIS OF SUSCEPTIBLE MENTAL DISORDER WOMEN (Study of Anxiety Reviewed from Education Level)

Eky Okviana Armyati


According to Compass Jakarta 2 Mei 2010, women are more prone to mental disorders. Health
Research 2007 results showed the prevalence of people aged over 15 years who experience mild
emotional mental disorders. They are women 16% and males 9%. It indicated that woman more
susceptible to mental disorders. According to the chairman Tun Kurniasih Bastaman psychiatric
specialist in organization Doctors of Indonesia declared that women will be easier or more
susceptible to suicide. This is because women easier to get mental disorder. According to Dr. RH
Budhi Mulyanto, SpKJ in his book entitle Bina Jiwa, women have to face more episodes of
physical and psychological than men e.g. getting menarche consequently at first menstrual period,
pregnancy, lactation, and menoupase besides the more growing culture in the community and
facing life. Women have heavier stresor than men. Ponorogo is a small district that borders among
east Trenggalek , Madiun , Magetan , north of Nganjuk, south of Pacitan Regency, and west of
Wonogiri. Although Ponorogo is a small city, there are a lot of women disruptions. Menstruation
and woman menepouse become the similar problem in Ponorogo regency and other regions.
Therefore, the researcher is interisting to recognize susceptible mental disorder woman.
Moreover, there is a region in Ponorogo district which the citizens get physicological disorders
called skizofrenia dan mental retardation .Thus, Ponorogo has given name as the regency with
“Crazy Village”. Thus, it can be concluded that the education level is dreadfully influence the
anxiety even to depression. People with low level education will get difficulties in managing their
anxiety properly. The influence of good and high level of education will control someone skills to
manage anxiety. Since education can manage anxiety, the higher the education level , the more
able he manages his emotions well


Women, Mental Disorders, Level of Education

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