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Education is a conscious and deliberate effort to create an atmosphere of learning and the learning
process so that learners actively develop their potential. In an effort to dig up and develop the
potential of students, teaching the original paradigm shift to learning paradigm is really needed.
This paradigm shift that requires teachers and students involved should be active, effective,
creative and fun. To achieve this PAKEM, it needs to understand communication in the education.
Therefore, this paper adopts the communication process, Schramm to see communication in
education. In conclusion, every faculty, and instructional media developers, need to understand the
communication model because the learning process is basically the process of communication. So
the success and failure are a successful learning and communication failures built by the teacher.
In connection with this, the developers of the media need to understand that the development of
instructional media geared to help get the message (subject) to be conveyed correctly understood
by the receiver of the message (the student). And when teachers teach in the classroom or deliver
messages, subjects must use the form effective communication to get the message delivered to
precisely target and achieve optimal results as expected. Use language (symbols) as simple as
possible, and avoid the use of scientific language which is difficult for the students, and avoid
words that have multiple interpretations


Communication, Education, Learning, Process

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