Eliyyil Akbar


Full exploitation of natural resources without paying deep respect for constant needs of life
undoubtedly and continually invites natural disasters, such as flood, erosion, barrenness, el-nino,
la-nina, global warming and the spread of a number of diseases. As worthy successive generations
of the country, children have significant roles in preserving healthy environment in the future life.
It is widely known that, with the passage of time, technological advances have recently become a
growing need given that these advances can make it possible for humans to engage in their
activities with ease. However, for the purpose of making people have responsibility for their
environment, it is essential for professionals of the educational field to give complete supports for
children, one of which is to provide a supportive learning environment by implementing e-learning
program to be an effective solution to educational problems and a thorough preparation for
advanced education. This article tends to study the program of e-learning for children in
connection with their responsibility as the next generation to protect their environment in ecofriendly way. The work uses the descriptive-qualitative method in a library research. The learning
process on eco-friendly basis is an educational process in charming ways by friendly teachers. The
program of e-learning concerning care of environment is implemented by contextually explaining
leaning subjects for children in such a simple method that they can have detailed, practical
knowledge to think further about the subjects. Needless to say, this needs teachers’ creativity more
and more. Through this learning, it is expected that children know how to deal with socioeconomic problems in harmony with the preserving of healthy and pleasant environment.
Moreover, they are supposed to know that the maintaining of this harmony should not be
considered a temporary duty because living in complete harmony is the fundamental, universal
need throughout the human existence.


E-learning, Environmentalism, Friendly Environment, Learning For Children

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