Yogi Prasetyo, Nurul Iman


Secularism mainstream in the education field is now causing value-less knowledge. It can be seen
in the ways Indonesian separate knowledge into science and religion in the education. Science and
religion are separately understood, and they have lost their connection in ontology, epistemology,
and axiology point of views. Therefore, people are in the “lost state”, religion is mistakenly
understood. This study is aimed at finding the reasons why religion is misunderstood, the effects of
the misunderstanding, and the concepts of religion-based integral education as the effort to solve
the misunderstanding. Then, this study is focused on the epistemology of science, therefore the
object of the study is human thought. Conceptual, philosophy, and religion approaches is used in
the study. The data in this study are sociologist and normative sources. Meanwhile, the data
analysis is abduction method. The result of the study shows that science tends to be positive in
understanding something which is real and logical, things which are not logical are not considered
as science. The secularism concept of science has gone wrong because science can be only
understood to manage human life and despise the beyond. Lack of science understanding affects
serious and harmful effects. Science may lose its purpose in helping human, the highest and the
most capable God’s creature. Integrating science based on religion may affect peacefulness in the
world and beyond. The imperfection in science is temporary, it can be fixed by knowledge which
is absolute.


Education, Integral, Religion-Based

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