CONVERSATION ANALYSIS IN AN INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION (Case Study of Conversation Analysis Between Trainer And Trainee In BBPPKS Yogyakarta)

Anis Rahmawati


This study tries to describe the communication patterns between trainer and trainee in BBPPKS
Yogyakarta as well as the things that influence communication gap between two parties. It aims to
analyse how often the communication occurs, what communication attitudes are involved, how the
quality and the relevance of communication between both parties, activity of delivering and
receiving message from communicator to communicant. The result of this study showed that there
are internal and external factors that influence the communication gap between trainer and trainee.
The internal factors include the difference of perception, anxiety and unwillingness in
communication, and feeling comfort in the safe zone. In opposite, the external factors include
custom or personal habit and credibility of speaking opponent.


conversation, communication, trainer, trainee

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