Moh. Toriqul Chaer


The nation of Indonesia is a plural-nation. Plurality and multi cultural hinted at the existence of
differences. The understanding and management of Plurality and multi cultural will generate a
positive force for the development of the nation. On the contrary, when it is not understood and
managed correctly. Plurality and multi cultural can be a destructive factor and trigger a disaster.
Conflict and social violence that often occurs between community groups is part of Plurality and
multi cultural which are not managed properly. Religious conflict as happened in Maumere (1995),
Surabaya, Situbondo and Tasikmalaya Rengasdengklok (1996), (1997), Solo, Jakarta and Kupang
(1998), Poso, Ambon (1999-2002). Similarly, notes smelling of ethnic violence, such as certain
ethnic violence in West Kalimantan (1933), Central Kalimantan (2000). Necessary preventive
measures as early prevention efforts, so that such events do not reoccur in the future. Education is
seen as an important factor to fostering awareness of the values of multicultural life. Educationbased multicultural helps learners understand, accept, and appreciate the people of the tribe,
culture, values, and religion are different. In other words, learners are taught to respect plurality
and heterogeneity.


Curriculum, Plurality, Islam, Multicultural Education

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