A STEP AHEAD EDUCATION (Human Potential Development Oriented)

Azis Azis


Behind the advancement of science and technology, the modern world has the potential to destroy
human dignity. Therefore, the concept of a step ahead education is needed, which is oriented to the
development of human potential, which is always advancing, changing and meaningful life and
oriented to the future. As an education model of the Prophet Muhammad, is a proto type which
constantly developed and forwarded by Muslims to address the needs of education in his time.
According to the development and the demands of the times, Islamic education has featured as an
education that is flexible, responsive, appropriate time, future-oriented and balanced. As a solution
to deal with the problems of education, it is necessary to provide a structured development of
Islamic education. A step ahead education is strongly associated with QS. Al-Alaq verses 1 -5, that
human beings should always read continually and relentless.


a step ahead education, human potential development, Islamic education

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