THE EXISTENCE AND CHALLENGE OF MADRASAH (Identification Problem and Typology of Madrasah Aliyah in Kudus)

Supaat Supaat


This study aims to describe problem and typology of Madrasah as formal educational in the
context of national education system. The long story of Madrasah was identic with the strugle and
expectation for recognition of its existen and roles. The expectation becomes real when the
government passed law Number 2 in the year 1989 n National Education System, followed by the
Regulation Number 29 of 1990. According to this regulation, institutionally and politicly
madrassas was equal and equit with school under the name of “schools characterized by the
Islamic teachings”. This study identified four main factor or problem faced by MA in formulating
and implementing "Islamic characterized education", i.e.: (1) the history of its born, (2) the
background of its figure, (3) management capacity, (4) institutional status. Based on this problem
and its curriculum structure – subject matter, text books, instructional model, time allocation, and
competency - MA in Kudus classified to three major types, i.e.: (1) typology MA as Senior High
School + (plus), (2) typology MA Salaf Tafaqquhfiddin, and (3) typology MA enriched with
religious teachings.


change, implementation, Islamic education, typology

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