Implementation Think Pair Share for Social Science Materials Social Problems for Fourth Grade of Elementary School

Candra Dewi



The purpose of this research is to know which gives better achievement between learning using Think-Pair-Share model with conventional learning which do not use Think-Pair-Share model. The type of research used is quasi experimental research, where the respondents are grouped into two groups namely groups using Think Pair Share and conventional groups without using Think Pair Share. The population in this study were all students of fourt grade of elementary school in Kanigoro Madiun. The sampling technique was done by stratified cluster random sampling. The independent variable in this study is the learning model, while the dependent variable is the learning achievement of science social knowledge. Data collection methods used in this research are: 1) method of documentation, in the form of semester test result score, 2) test, in the form of 25 items of multiple choice questions. Data analysis technique in this research are: 1) balance test: using t-test with normality test with Lilliefors method and homogeneity test with Bartllet test, 2) hypothesis test: using t-test. All analyzes of this study used a significance level of 5%. The conclusion of this research is science social knowledge learning achievement using think pair share model is better than using conventional model without think pair share model.

Keywords: Think-Pair-Share, Social Sciences, Elementary School

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