Modesty of Implementation Speaking on Child

Lilis Sumaryanti



Education languages are very required by children and can be taught s through language. Language is one of the ability of an individual pivotal to the social life of. The language each individual must be different. The ability speaking can demonstrated by the idea / fruit his mind in the form of expression said and that god is having many meanings, logical / make sense, and implemented in systematic. Matters affecting the ability speaking among other factors intelligence and environmental factors, in addition also the factor of physical especially the organs of speech. In modesty of the speaking a child, meaning to be told not only relating to diction/ choice word, but reached way & apos; re doing. His application look at an election the right word, when delivered in a manner hardcore then it would be lacking cordiality. Suavity is important for every individual or where they were especially for children. Planting modesty of the language children at their young age very important because in the children these are they would be easy to emulate and implement in sehari-harinya life, as explained in proverb learn little like carve on the rock and learn in big time as paint on water”. Being or compassion and ethical speaking are relatively, it is dependent on the social partners speakers said.

Keywords: The Implementation, Modesty of the Speaking, Children

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