Analysis of Difficulty Learning Process Students Mental Retardation in Basic School (Case Study In SDN Krebet 4 Ponorogo)

Melik Budiarti



This study entitled Analysis of Learning Process Difficulties Student Mental Retardation In Primary School (Study Case At SDN Krebet 4, Village Sidoharjo, District Jambon, Ponorogo Regency). The background of this study is due to the emergence of learning problems in children with regular primary school mental retardation (not designated as inclusive primary). This study aims to find out the learning process of mental retardation children in SDN Krebet 4, Jambon District, Ponorogo Regency.

Data processing in this research use descriptive qualitative research type with case study approach which concentrate intensively. This research consists of 3 stages: 1) to determine the research problem: a preliminary study before the research, 2) data collection is the stage of collecting data either from reference book, field observation, interview or documentation, 3) perform analysis and process data which have been obtained then draw conclusions.

Difficulties in student learning process lies in the academic field. In the learning process yag usually do students can follow the learning but if the new material students have difficulty in following the learning. Students can do all the usual learning as in the beginning and end of school activities is to greet the teacher and pray. In the core activities, many students experience this difficulty due to the lack of academic ability, indicated by the ability to write, read and count less.

Keywords: Learning Difficulties, Mental Retardation, Case Study

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