The Improvement of Indonesian Learning Achievements Through the Visual Audio Based on Local Cultural In Elementary School Students

Fauzatul Ma’rufah Rohmanurmeta



Learning Indonesian as an intermediary to assist one's skills in communicating with both oral and written. By utilizing audio visual media can achieve the purpose of a learning. The purpose of this research is to know the application of audio visual media, improvement of learning achievement, and the advantages and disadvantages of audio visual media in elementary school.This research use descriptive qualitative approach. The subjects were examined for students of class V, which amounted to 24 people. The type of research used is classroom action research (PTK) with data collection techniques through test, observation, and documentation. This data analysis technique using data analysis with interactive model, and in the analysis and data collection activities using 2 cycles that is cycle I and cycle II. The result of the research shows that there is an increase of learning achievement using visual audio learning media in Indonesian language learning with the provision of ≥70 as much as 80% of students, student cooperation with the provision of ≥75 as much as 80% and student motivation with the value of ≥75 as much as 80%. So that can be seen the advantages of this media is to make learning more fun, can improve learning achievement of Indonesian language, foster student potential, improve student cooperation. While the shortage is a long time in preparation and require the availability of facilities.

Keywords: Indonesian Learning Achievements, Visual Audio Media, Local Culture

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