Harmawan Wardani


Language is inseparable to human live and become part of human progress and development.
Beyond set of words and grammatical order, language is a medium to share human thought,
knowledge, custom, values and other human experiences. It is also becomes medium for us, human
being, to interact with reality and our environment. Indeed, language is very important part and
inseparable to human life. Thus this essay tries to explore about language and personality.
Personality determines how people interpret their environment and their interaction with others,
their world. Different personality will interpret and see things differently. But how language
influences our personality? Or it doesn‟t? Then, if we learn new language our personality will be
affected? Or it will not be? Experts in psychological field such as Wittgenstein and Whorf set a
stepping stone for research in language and personality by their theories. There are three experts
that research about language and personality; they are Susan Ervin who used Thematic
Apperception Test to French who lived in U.S and she used various verbal tasks to Japanese
woman who lived in U.S and quite isolated from other Japanese. Second, Lera Boriditsky who
proved that language influence human personality by comparing many languages and decided to
teach her subject new language. She observed her subjects whether that new language influences
their perception. Last researcher that mention in this essay is Ronald Crosby, he asked seven
questions to his participant. He concluded that language has a significant influence on thought and
From the elaboration about language and personality above, it can be concluded that language do
influence personality of its user. Various experimentations above show us people will think
differently depend on the language that they used. People who learn new language tend to follow
that language perception and possibly change how they interpret the world and environment
around them. Those experimentations results are can be benefit to our education process. Since
Indonesian government emphasizes on building student character as one of education‟s goals.
There is a possibility we can build our students‟ character to be better through language learning


Language, Personality

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