Sarah Emmanuel Haryono


A family is a social group first encountered by a child when he/she was born into this world. The
child is officially a member of a family that will become a place for him/her to grow and develop.
Interpersonal relationships between parents and children is an important thing since a child firstly
begin to build a belief system with the parents and then with the surrounding environment. When
the system of trust with parents has been awakened, then that's where the role of parents as an
educator can be implemented. Education that can be done by parents through direct behavior
example (parents as the model) and the provision of advice from parents to their children. Parents
act as the primary educator in the family, and the child will automatically receive their parent’s
upbringing. How a child character has been formed really depends on how the parents provide
education within the family. Education within the family is a very broad scope, including in it are
spiritual values, moral, and academic. In spirituality parents recognize the values of religion, teach
their children how to serve well and religious teachings.The scope of morality can be interpreted
on how parents can instill moral values and decency within the child from an early age. In
academic scope, parents help children by giving stimulation so that children will be ready for
formal education. With the progress of time and the demands of life today, often unconsciously
parents pay less attention to their role in the educational process within the family. Many parents
are busy making money, so they forget about their duties as educators in the family, whereas the
children’s physical and spiritual needs must be met. Many children who end up becoming
unfocused because parents have less time with their children at home. Therefore, it is considered
to be meaningful interpersonal parents and children relationship that can the success of the family
educational process for the child


Interpersonal Relationships, Family Education

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