PRIVACY MANAGEMENT IN NEW MEDIA (A Case Study of Civil Servant Facebook Users in Sukoharjo)

Danang Wisnu Anggoro


A number of studies about Facebook as a social networking site showed lack of control users to
their privacy in the production process the message. Many such cases occur not only in
adolescents but also in the PNS. The phenomenon can be seen through the theory of
communication privacy management (CPM) and production massages. By using the case study
method combined with Cyber Media Analysis Method, which is viewed from the level of text and
context, this study reveals that human nature is central to the way humans reveal his true identity.
A person’s decision to open or closed to an extent, is closely linked to how he set his privacy to the
environment, the rules are developed with the relevant parties and the ability of each individual to
manage information that is considered private. However, in exposing their private information,
states updates in Facebook is still a potential land to be managed as disclosure from itself
differently in each individual of delivery.


Facebook, privacy, PNS, CPM, message production

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