THE EDUCATION OF “SUFFERING” TO STUDENTS (The Study on Excellent Program in Madrasah Aliyah Plus “Nururrohmah” Pondok Pesantren Al - Kamal Tambaksari Kuwarasan Kebumen , Central Java)

Azam Syukur Rahmatullah


The education of suffering is to educate the child to feel the suffering and to try to help them to
have the meaningful of suffering. This education is part of mentality of education to child, because
with this education the child can improve the potency of the future. Cause of it, Madrasah Aliyah
Plus Nururrohmah, as one of Madrasah that have innovative, creativity, and good religion try to
enrich with some activities in the basic of suffering. By the reason in giving the skill to the child,
hopefully the children will life wherever without any complaint. Some activities were done as a
habit in order to aim the child to have the meaning of real life.


Education, Suffering, Madrasah Aliyah Plus Nururrohmah, Meaningful of Life

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