Rustiani Widiasih


The research is aimed at finding out: (1) whether guided imagery can improve the students’
writing competence or not; (2) the most significant improvement of students’ writing competence;
(3) the strengths and weaknesses of using guided imagery to teach writing. The research was
carried out at SMA Negeri I Badegan, Ponorogo, East Java, from August 2015 to January 2016.
The subjects of the research are 33 students of grade X- 5 consisting of 10 boys and 13 girls. The
data were obtained from several techniques. The quantitative data were obtained from test; while
qualitative data were obtained from collaborative observation, interview, questionnaires, and
document analysis. To analyze the qualitative data, the researcher used interactive model; while to
analyze quantitative data, the researcher applied a descriptive statistics. It is done by comparing
mean of pre-test (before implementing Guided imagery) and post test (after implementing Guided
imagery).There were some findings of the research. Firstly, Guided imagery can improve
students’ writing competence. Secondly, the most significant improvement of students’ writing
competence after being taught using guided imagery is the improvement of idea/content. Thirdly,
the implementation of teaching using Guided imagery had strengths and weaknesses. The
strengths and weaknesses existed in the students’ writing competence and the situation in teaching
and learning process. The strengths of teaching using Guided imagery related to the students’
writing competence were: the improvements of students’ mean scores in all components of writing
and the improvement of the number of students who got score above 65. The strengths of guided
imagery could also be found in improving the class situation too as follows: (1) Improvement of
students’ imagination (2) Improvement of students’ creativity (3) improvement of students’ focus;
(4) Improvement of students’ interest (5) Improvement of students’ relaxation. The weakness of
guided imagery shows that not all students can follow the steps of guided imagery. Related to the
class situation, guided imagery made some students keep doing daydreaming in the classroom. It
also leads students to sleep in the classroom.


guided imagery, writing competence

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